Our Service Guarantee

We make every attempt to ensure that you are satisfied with your experience at Keisha Davis Salon. In the event that you are not completely satisfied, please let us know at the time of your service or within 48 hours after your service has been performed. 



All services are non-refundable but we will be more than happy to schedule a corrective service free of charge.

The service must be a mistake from the service provider... not something you might have changed your mind (after the service has been performed).  You have 48 hours to contact the Salon to adjust any dissatisfaction.  Corrective services will not be allowed 5 days past initial service date.

It is important you contact the Salon as soon as you are unhappy so we can schedule you As Soon As Possible for a corrective service. 

Please keep in mind, using box color or going from Darker to Lighter tones may result in more than one service to achieve your desired result for which fees apply.

Right to Refuse Service

Keisha Davis Salon reserves the right to refuse service to anyone demonstrating inappropriate behavior or inappropriate language..

Return Policy

We are happy to return any retail products you purchased within 3 days of original purchase. No cash value is given and an in Salon credit will be issued.


Late Cancellation Policy

We understand that due to your busy schedule you may have to cancel or change an appointment with us.

In order to respect the time of both our guests and our staff, we simply ask that you log into your Styleseat account and cancel or reschedule at least 48 hours or earlier prior to the appointment. If you cancel your appointment in 24 hours or less of your appointment start time, You will be charged 50% of service price for late cancellations. This policy is strict.

Please be courteous to your Stylist and other clients. Please call if you will be late so that we may decide how to move forward. If you are late more than 5 minutes for your appointment we may consider you a No-Show or a Late Cancellation guest.

This is so that we may have ample time to fill the appointment time should you need to cancel your service. Appointments that are cancelled less than 48 hours prior will result in a $50 fee charged on your next service.


No Show

In order to respect the time of our Stylists and guests, If an appointment is no-showed you will be subject to a No-Show fee of 100% of the services booked. Please be advised if you NO Show on a future appointment, we will not be able to schedule a new reservation free of charge. A $50 reservation fee will apply and must be paid in advance before scheduling a new appointment. This policy is strict.


Keisha Davis Salon is a Family Friendly Salon, However, all children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Please do not drop your child off and leave the child alone. We cannot be responsible for children who arrive without a parent or legal guardian. Children may only be present in the salon when receiving a service. If a Child under the age of 18 is receiving a service, a consent form must be signed prior to services being performed.

Methods of payment

Keisha Davis Salon accepts Visa, Master Card and Cash. We do not accept credit cards, only debit cards for which you must enter your pint at checkout. We also accept Cashapp, Venmo, Zelle and Applepay.

Online Scheduling

All guests must schedule appointment via online via the link provided on the “Schedule Appointment” Tab on our home page. All guests are requested to create an account and secure their appointment with a credit or debit card. No appointment will be made by phone or via text message. All guests who put cards on file that are not active will be subject to having their appointment cancelled. Putting gift cards or cash cards on file is not accepted.

Cancellation fees and no-show fees will not be credited toward your services on the day of your appointment or future appointments. 

Those who choose to be fraudulent and put inactive credit/debit cards, gift cards and/or credit/debit cards that have been stolen or used without permission of the owner of the card will not be allowed to make future appointments. Legal action will be taken.

Gift Certificate Policy

  • Gift certificates are valid for up to one year from the date of purchase and must be presented at time of service.

  • Copies of gift certificates are not acceptable.

  • All gift certificates are non-refundable.

  • Gift certificates are not redeemable for cash.

  • Gift certificates are valid at Keisha Davis Salon only for all products and services available.



Information collected from this Styleseat is only used if we need to contact you for further information regarding your appointment.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation in providing us with your contact information.