High Frequency Treatment

Through gas filled (neon or argon) glass electrodes a mild, high frequency, electrical current is conducted onto the skin surface. These currents cause the gas in the electrodes to glow in one of several possible colors (red, orange, violet or blue) according to the gas used. The electrodes come in the shape of a comb.

The high frequency treatment causes a rush of blood circulation to the treated area as well as gentle warming of skin tissues. Since underlying blood vessels are made to contract toxins are pushed away while, simultaneously, skin cells enjoy increased nutrient supply and hydration. All this ultimately results in improves blood circulation, cell renewal and increased production of collagen.

The effects of high frequency treatments become noticeable as soon as the very early treatment cycles. Their full benefit may be reached at different stages according to individual parameters and the area of the skin in which the procedure is conducted.

The high frequency machine used in clinics to administer high frequency skin treatments and is considered very safe. Patients can get up and continue on with their ordinary routines directly after a treatment session.