High Frequency treatments are used to improve the scalp’s response to the use of products and/or as a post treatment for hair loss or scalp disorders.. The base of the high frequency machine is where the the source of power and voltage for the electrode attachments lives. In my salon, I use the electrode or glass rake that looks like a comb. The knob on the side of the base of the device controls the level of power or voltage.

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Before beginning this service I will always start on the lowest level. I will ground the electrode before placing it on my clients scalp. I will slowly increase the power and check comfort level of my client during this process. When the current is flowing through the electrode the gas will light up. Once I've reached the desired comfort leave for my clienl, the rake will be moved back and forth through my client’s hair.

This is a treatment that will not exceed 10 minutes, so I will set a timer when I begin to manage the time. This treatment will always be done on dry hair. When the service is complete, I will ground the electrode and remove it from my client’s scalp. The high frequency device is always cleaned and disinfected per state regulations after each client. 

This treatment will not be used on clients who have:

  • metal implants, a pacemaker or any heart condition
  • epilepsy
  • pregnancy
  • open or broken skin (including wounds or new scars)
  • fear of an electric current.

If you have any doubts about being able to receive this treatment safely, it is best to request an approval from your primary physician.

In order to make sure you under stand the history of the technology, following article from www.sharplightech.com provides a brief history of High Frequency and it’s benefits.

History of High Frequency
Renowned 19th century scientist Nikola Tesla studied into the effects and possible uses of high frequency electrical current. In fact, low amplitude currents at frequencies of 100,000 - 300,000 Hertz (cycles per second) are commonly referred to as "Tesla high frequency current".

Since Tesla's days were pre antibiotics his high frequency machines were mostly used for medicinal purposes, namely for the treatment of infections such as strep throat.

It was the French biophysicist D'Arsonval who, in 1892, first used a high frequency machine in treatment of skin diseases.

The cosmetic use of high frequency began in the 1970's. A high frequency machines became a common tool in many European cosmetic medicine clinics. The beneficial effects of low intensity electrical current at high frequencies were harnessed for skin beautification as well as for treatment of acne.

By the late 1980's an aesthetic machine, which utilizes Tesla currents for non-intrusive skin treatments, was commonplace in the booming North American medaesthetic industry.

Today such machines are widely used all over the world, both in clinics and spas. Application of high frequency current has taken on an important role as a component of many cosmetic skin treatments and maintenance regimes.

What is it Good for?
The high frequency aesthetic machine's main function is to produce heat in targeted skin tissues. This heat, through different processes which will be further discussed later, does wonders to rid the skin of acne, reduce appearance of wrinkles, eliminate cellulite, fade dark circles around the eyes, improve hair growth through improving blood flow at the scalp, reduce puffiness around eyes ("puffy eyes") and trigger a long term general improvement in skin's overall appearance (skin rejuvenation).

All these beneficial effects are possible thanks to enhanced blood circulation, increased elastin and collagen production, killing of acne causing bacteria, breakup of dead skin cells, improved lymphatic drainage, improved absorption of skin care products and more.

The professional aesthetic machine also has a smaller, portable version, which may be purchased for home use.

How the High Frequency Aesthetic Machine Works
Through gas filled (neon or argon) glass electrodes a mild, high frequency, electrical current is conducted onto the skin surface. These currents cause the gas in the electrodes to glow in one of several possible colors (red, orange, violet or blue) according to the gas used. The electrodes come in many different shapes in order to allow a better fit to various bodily contours (mainly facial).

A truly wonder working aesthetic machine, high frequency skin toning causes a rush of blood circulation to the treated area as well as gentle warming of skin tissues. Since underlying blood vessels are made to contract toxins are pushed away while, simultaneously, skin cells enjoy increased nutrient supply and hydration. All this ultimately results in improves blood circulation, cell renewal and increased production of collagen.

The effects of high frequency treatments become noticeable as soon as the very early treatment cycles. Their full benefit may be reached at different stages according to individual parameters and the type of procedure conducted.

The aesthetic machine used in clinics to administer high frequency skin treatments is considered very safe. Patients can get up and continue on with their ordinary routines directly after a treatment session.

In order to provide patients with the best possible skin treatment options every medaesthetic clinic should possess at least one high frequency aesthetic machine.