Did you know that I get calls every day from potential clients who want to know if I can help them fix whatever issues they have with their hair or the lack thereof? Yes, girl. These calls come in at all hours of the day regardless of if Im servicing clients or not. They almost always want to know if I can tell them what hair type they have, what products I use, what products they should use and they want to tell me about how their hair went being in a manageable state to being a total headache for them. 

Truth is, no one person has the same head size, curl pattern, length, density or texture. We don't even have the same DNA. Scheduling a consultation is important so that you can get your questions answered and so that I can analyze the state of your hair and scalp. I am not able to diagnose anyone because I am not a doctor, however, I am able to holistically treat diseases and disorders of the hair and scalp as a certified Trichologist. As a Hairstylist, I am able to help you discover how to get healthy hair and keep it that way every day. 


I want what i want

Have you ever walked into the salon and requested the stylist to give you one style but left the salon with something totally different than what you asked for? This might have happened because you searched for a style online on sites like Google, Pinterest and Youtube and found a style you fell in love with and brought it to to your stylist without giving her the time to find out what features you wanted from that style.

The fact of the mater is that sometimes we see a curl or a bang we just cant live without and that is all we want rather than considering the whole look. Consultations give me the time i need to not only know what I am up against, but they allow for me to see your true vision as well. Jesus didn't create the world in an hour  which means the results you may be hoping for during one salon appointment wont happen overnight either.  I ask all clients and potential clients to keep an open mind and trust the process.


WHat You See Isn't Always What you Can get

The photos and videos of my work that you see on my website and on my social media platforms are exactly what you get. This in no way means that a style you may have seen of my work on one client will look exactly the same on you. What works and accents the features of one client may not work for the next client. Each client I work with has different hair. It's unique to only them. The consult is to ensure that can achieve the look you want and the look you can get.

For example, I had a new client who came in during her birthday weekend because she saw a photo of my work on Instagram where I did a sew-In service with leave-out on a client. After seeing that photo, she booked an appointment and came in to get her hair done. The client in the photo she saw had very thick hair which allowed her hair to fully cover the wefts/tracks of her sew-In i installed. The new clients' hair was very thin around the perimeter and, therefore, she was not able to accomplish the style she wanted. 

It is my job to make sure that you don't walk out of my salon looking bad or feeling bad about advice i gave, something i said or the way your hair looks. I am always goin to keep it real with you if i don't think a particular style will suit you well or accentuates your features. I will always tell you the truth and make suggestions to you based on the condition of your hair and what Ive learned from you during your consultation.


Understanding & Knowing what you want

It is very important that you read the summary of every services offered. Knowing what you want to have done is very important. I have had clients book a hair cut when they really wanted a simple trim to remove split ends. I’ve even had clients book for a shampoo and conditioning service only when they really wanted a shampoo/conditioner and a style.

I totally understand you as I have been a client who has been i your shoes. I get it. The beauty industry terminology can be confusing. This is why I need those who have never been to ME before to go through a consultation whether it be by phone or in person. What your previous stylist might have considered a deep conditioning treatment, I’m almost sure that I don’t. Every Hairstylist runs their business and salon their way and so do I. When you know better, you'll do better.

Meeting Your Needs

In order for me to be understanding of those who travel far distances to get serviced by me, there is certain information I need to have before your consultation and before your first appointment with me. The information i need is:

1. In and email with a "SUBJECT: CONSULTATION", send pictures of your hair in its natural state without extensions and/or a video (360 view). I you send photos, i will need them 4 photos front, back and side view. (HEAD SHOTS ONLY-CURRENT AND UP TO DATE) If your hair is transitioning or fully natural, I will also need an additional photo of your front view where you will stretch your hair out to show it longest length.

2. Indicate if your hair is thin or short.

3. Name the services you think you would like.

4. Ask any questions or concerns you have with booking. “I am concerned that my hair may be to short. Attached are pictures of my hair in its natural state, please let me know what you think.”

After I receive this I will respond with answers and ask any questions I may have. You can email photos and videos to Consultation calls will start on time so please be ready and in a quite place with no interruptions. I will start and end on time.



My services are booked according to and approximate time frame in which it might take to complete. Some services may take shorter or longer time to complete depending on the circumstances. Because of this,  My services are booked on a strict time schedule that doesn’t account for anyone being tardy. If you are late to your appointment it will throw my entire day off. Because I operate on a strenuous rotation, I MUST have each client on time. Any person who shows up late past their scheduled time will run the risk of being reschedule or services cancelled altogether. If I have to do this,  not only is this a loss to you (because my schedule is limited) it is a loss to me.

I hope you understand that these procedures are not just in place for me as your stylist, but also for you! They create clear lines of communication! By following these procedures I can ensure that both your style and your experience reflects who I am as a person and the platformI have built  for beauty.

I hope to talk consult with you soon!