7 Ways To Prevent Split Ends


Simply put, split ends or weakened areas along the hair shaft where the cuticle is breaking apart and the cortex of the hair is exposed.

PROBLEM: When the hair gets dry, brittle and is lacking in moisture, the hair strand naturally begins to crack, chip and unravel.

SOLUTION: The best way to get rid of split ends is to prevent new ones from occurring.


1. TRIM YOUR HAIR WITH QUALITY SHEARS. Trimming you’re ends regularly (every 6-8 weeks) before they break off if a good split in preventative maintenance regimen. Only sharp shears can guarantee a clean-cut. Only use your shears on your hair. Using the scissors that used to clip your monthly coupons should never be used on your hair.

2. CUT ENDS STRAIGHT ACROSS. The direction of your trim is very important. Always cut straight across the ends of your hair. Cutting at an angle increases the surface area of the new end an introduces more opportunities for splitting and breakage.

3. REDUCE YOUR HEAT. Heat is one of the main causes of split ends. Heat reduces the hair’s natural most balance. Heat also temporarily alters the hairs protein structure, which would typically keep the hair’s moisture balance in check. When heat styling your hair, only use heat on freshly shampooed, condition, clean hair that has been sprayed with a thermal protectant to prevent split ends. 

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4. DON'T TRIM WET HAIR. Trim your hair while it is dry. Although some people prefer wet trimming, this can lead to split ends, especially if the shears are dull.

5. DITCH THE CHEMICALS. Chemical processes is like color and relaxers can jazz up any style but it takes hard work to work their magic on your hair. These type of chemicals break down and to grade the cuticle of your hair. When the cuticle gets weak, split ends attack! For the sake of healthy hair, stick with deposit-only colors in rinses and avoid relaxers if you can.

6. DEEP CONDITION. Deep conditioning on a regular basis with quality conditioners and protein is great for split ends. Protein treatments help the hair resist premature chipping, peeling, and breaking. Moisturizing deep conditioners help restore the hair’s moisture balance.

7. MOISTURIZE DAILY. Applying water-based moisturizers and essential oils as a seal help prevent split ends.These type of products lubricate the hair fibers and keep the hair soft. They shield the hair from her son and other stresses from the environment, like the wind in humidity. Focus on applying moisturizer’s daily and add oil near the ends of the hair shaft because they are more vulnerable to split ends than the roots.

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