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Hi. My name is Keisha Davis, and I’ve lived in Houston, TX all of my life.

I have to tell you, while I was growing up, I never thought I’d ever be successful enough to writing an “about me” page like this one where people would actually want to get to know me better without actually meeting me first. I use to think that was only something that people do when it comes to celebrities. I mean, their rich. Some people think that’s worth talking about and want to know more.

But here I am, writing to you to share with you a piece of my life so you can really get to know who I am as a person and who I am as an expert and in the beauty industry.

As a kid, I’ve had my share of moving from shelters to foster homes and then into therapeutic group homes for girls so statics weren't working out in my favor. I’m sure my friends and family didn’t think I was destined for success, either. Truth is, I could only get to where I am today by the grace of God alone.

I grew up in a two parent household until the age of 9 which is when my parents divorced. I lived with my mom until the age of 12 which is when a series of unfortunate events occurred. As a result, I became award of the state of Texas and was cared for until the age of 18. Although I was not able to live with my parents, I would never change the path I was steered in to get to where I am in life today.

In fact, one of my fondest memories was when my mom would practice braiding on her mannequin heads at home while enrolled in cosmetology school. Because I wanted to get in on the braiding action too, I would run and find my cabbage patch dolls and begin to practice right along with her! My mom will never know how much she inspired me.

As I was growing up, I absolutely despised the pressing comb. It was not my best friend. I was a hot comb runner. Any time I knew I was about to get my hair straightened, my body slide would instantly slide out of the chair as if I had no bones in my body.

This would make my mom furious. I can hear her now “If you don't sit up straight in this chair and hold your head up, I’m gonna…!”, she would say. Of course she used a couple of other choice words but I dare not say them out loud. Lol!

Although I hated getting my hair combed as a kid, I still somehow developed a passion for doing hair. The fact of the matter is that never in my wildest dreams could I have ever imagined myself as a professional licensed cosmetologist.


As a Cosmetologist we have the ability

to do something that even doctors

cannot do, we change a woman's

perception about how she sees herself

when she looks in the mirror.

That will never get old.


Getting to where I am today was no easy journey. There were so many bumps in the road along my journey, and it seems like I hit every one of them.

High school was great from the beginning of my freshman year to end of my senior year. I graduated from Jack Yates High School in Third Ward, Tx. After my graduation ceremony I found out that I was the first in my entire family to ever graduate from high school. I would soon be the first to attend college as well. After a long summer of just hanging out as many teenagers tend to do, I enrolled myself into college and began my studies. During my second year of college, I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. After she was born, my grades dropped and I just totally lost interest. My motherly instinct told me to do everything I could to make sure my daughter was taken care of and had everything she needed. I needed to make sure that I could take care my daughter because I had lost so many years without my own mother.

I enrolled myself into a 1 week braiding course and that is where my journey into the hair industry began.

I enrolled myself in college but dropped out of that too after two semesters. I just really wasn’t interested. Money got so tight I couldn’t even afford the gas to get there, so I dropped out.

So Why is a “College Drop-out Foster Kid Sharing Her Story with You?

Things have changed quite a bit since those early days. Over the past 16 years, I’ve followed my passion and educated thousands of customers and hundreds of cosmetology students. I’ve coached beauty professionals at live events and in my 1:1 mentorship program. I’ve even trained stylists from all walks of life all over the globe how to create beautiful braids, weaves, extensions and how to maintain the health of their own hair. I’ve even worked with stylists to help unchain them from the salon chair and show them that they can make money even when they don’t have a client in their chair.

Today, I find myself a business owner, not of one business, but four!

From my private salon, my line of hair, wig line and digital video training products, life has gotten very busy, to say the least. Im even begun coaching other hairstylist who seek to excel in the beauty industry.

And recently I was paid to be a BET nail tech for the Being Mary Jane Nail Tour, hosted by Revlon! That was an awesome experience!

I absolutely love my salon clients as if they were my mothers, sisters, cousins, daughters and even my bestie. I handle each one with special care. Here they don’t have to worry about overbooking; I service my customers one at a time. This way their hair and beauty needs will receive the attention required for optimal health and vibrancy. I operate my business with integrity and the principals of my Christian faith. My smile is my logo. My personality is my business card. How I leave others feeling after having an experience with me is my trademark.

I thank God every day I get to make a living doing what I love to do. I am truly blessed and I’m very thankful for that.

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